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Signal Detection Theory

The signal detection theory evolved from the development of communications and radar equipment the first half of this century.  It migrated to psychology, initially as part of sensation and perception, in the 50’s and 60’s as an attempt to understand … Continue reading

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Nesting IF and AND Functions in Excel

Short clip showing how to use the nested IF and AND function in Excel 2007. This is an example of a simple formula where I wanted two different actions (Yes/No) and stimuli (Face/Control) to come out as numbers in four … Continue reading

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Calculate Age in Excel 2007

It’s easy to calculate someone’s age from their date of birth if you know about Excel’s DATEDIF function, unfortunately it’s easy to miss this function as it is not documented. I am baffled why it is never included in the … Continue reading

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Student t-Test in Excel

To test if any two different image sets are equal or unequal, one can also perform a t-test to see if they differ from each other or are more or less the same. Here’s another clip, almost the same, but … Continue reading

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Sensitivity Detection Theory and Receiver Operating Characteristic using SPSS

In my masters thesis I have two image sets, which should be more or less equal in the sense of being easy/hard for the participants. So how do I find out how equal these two sets are? First I run … Continue reading

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If/Then function in Excel

This post is about if you want to use the ‘if/then’ function in Excel with letters or text. The ‘original’ if/then formula with values is something like this: =IF(C13=20,1,0) But if you want to use text or letters, just put … Continue reading

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Import Text Into Excel

Sometimes you need to import data from, lets say matlab, eprime, word or just a txt.-file, so you can further analyze it in Excel or SPSS. Its quite easy-piecy, like the clip above shows, or the web page below also … Continue reading

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