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Tom McRae on getting lost

I feel the night is on your side Shadows wait you when you rise You hold the weight of every moment And move no distance in your stride And while you wallow in your wounds You let the devils draw … Continue reading

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How the Mind Works

Found this free pdf-version of Steven Pinkers bestseller “How the Mind Works and are planning to read through it the next weeks. What I’ve got from the reviews is that he tries to explain what the mind is, how it evolved, and … Continue reading

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Psychology Humor

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The Elegant Universe

. . for more than half a century–even in the midst of some of the greatest scientific achievements in history–physicists have been quietly aware of a dark cloud looming on a distant horizon. The problem is this: There are two … Continue reading

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I looked at a picture painted white with a dot White, with that black dot and I thought Why bother painting that black dot in the middle With the white all around it, makes it so little Just a little … Continue reading

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Educate Thyself

Voltaire on why one should educate oneself: “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” This seems to be relevant in our days as we see presumably good people turning bad as they believe the absurdities … Continue reading

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Risk Aversion vs Uncertain Outcomes

Risk aversion is a concept in economics of how people behave when they are exposed to uncertain outcomes. The concept of being risk averse is defined as the propensity to prefer an offer with an expected lower but more certain … Continue reading

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