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Can Stress Kill You?!

The neuroendocrine and physiological systems related to pain and stress have long been subjected to study, and seems to be more harmful than previous thought. But, more recently, the corresponding systems promoting anti-stress and restoration have also come into focus. … Continue reading

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Randomisation is important when designing experiments, since this allows the greatest reliability and validity of statistical estimates of treatment effects. By randomizing a big group of people, splitting them i two groups and letting them take two different roads to … Continue reading

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Image Importer for PowerPoint

With a Mac and several hundred pictures I want to insert into PowerPoint, I’ve learned that this is not possible, like it is with a PC. But with this Automator app I found, it is possible. With this app, you can, … Continue reading

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Maternal Neglect, Oxytocin and the Long-Term Effects on Child Health and Development

Interesting article about how maternal neglect, including physical and emotional neglect, may have serious long-term effects on children’s general health and development. Dopamine contribute to the processing of infant-related sensory cues, which lead to a certain behavioral response. We know … Continue reading

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The Haunted Doll

1,18 minute long clip reminding us that to succeed in the alternative industry, presentation and context is half the “trick”.

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Randomizing lists in Excel

Since a big part of working with a master thesis is data collection and analysis, I first have to create list of stimuli I want my participants to look at. But since I want to follow the scientific method, I … Continue reading

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Faith, skepticism and visual perception

Interesting article about “knowing” based on our senses. We rely on our sight to interpret the world around us, but in reality, we only see a fraction of what’s there. And what we do see is pretty unreliable, because the visual input is not … Continue reading

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