Randomizing lists in Excel

Since a big part of working with a master thesis is data collection and analysis, I first have to create list of stimuli I want my participants to look at. But since I want to follow the scientific method, I will have to randomize my list of stimuli so that its more or less up to chance (and not me or the participants) who gets to see what image. In my experiment I will use the total of 180 images which will be pseudo randomized into two test protocols for use in sessions 1 and 2 (protocols A and B, each consisting of 90 images), such that each image will be presented only once to each participant. The order of presentation of the protocols (A, B, and their reversed-order counterparts A-reversed and B-reversed) will be counterbalanced between participants.

As the clip shows, its pretty easy to randomize a list with the use of the =RAND() command in an ascending list. Afterwards I just sort the same list in a descending list to get the reversed-order counterpart.

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