Does consciousness arise from quantum processes in the brain?


Stuart Hameroff is a Professor of Anesthesiology and Psychology at the University of Arizona, and he has a daring theory that consciousness is far more than just a computational process — it’s actually quantum. Together with the esteemed mathematician Sir Roger Penrose, Hameroff is the co-author of the interesting, but highly controversial, Orch OR model of consciousness (Orchestrated Objective Reduction ), which suggests that quantum phenomenon, rather than classical mechanics, can explain conscious awareness. According to this model, consciousness arises from a kind of wave function collapse that occurs in isolation, called objective reduction. This wave function collapse, they argue, is the only possible non-physical thing that can account for a non-computable process, namely consciousness. They speculate that this could happen inside the brain’s microtubules.

In this one hour long clip Hameroff talks about various theories of mind, how anesthesia can inform the debate, the Orch OR model, and also discuss quantum souls, the afterlife, reincarnation, and Hinduism and Buddhism.

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  3. J.Watson and F. Crick discovered double helix DNA in 1953, now some dedicated scientists including Craig Venter and group decorded human genome are already making artificial life or biodevices or say life in essence itself (G.M. Life) which perhaps originated about 3.6 billion years ago. A tiny living cell originated from dust+moisture+tiny sentinels that turned sunlight in to biofuel of algae in to abundance… thus procreating life forms. Now I am thinking if “Soul” ever exist in living body then how to put new soul in new bioform to alleviate life of (new) human being to super human or extraterrestrial (space visitors). Retrofit DNA or say genes will drive higher form of life finally to perform not in classic way but in projected way then what(?! ) and who become celestial tourist in Soulless universe!!!
    The most beautiful thing I think is beam of light if possibly traveling with it in Celestial-Heaven! If there exists Consciousness’?

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