Photographer Uses Neuroscience To Redefined The Meaning Of Beauty

This fascinating photographic project, titled the ‘Original Ideal’, is an impressive blend of neuroscience and photography and attempts to explore and reveal the deepest part of our personality – how we perceive ourselves.

All subjects were placed in a minimal studio setting where single portraits were taken of each individual. Afterwards, the original pictures were altered and subtly adjusted the to create a series of 50 manipulated copies. Then the subjects are placed in front of a computer screen to view the pictures in a slideshow while wearing an Emotiv brain scanner. It’s a device which is able to measure and plot any increase of brain activity. The portrait which caused the most amount of stimulation within the brain, was then determined to be the subject’s ideal self-image. Surprisingly, all of the participants engaged with one of the 50 digital altered, and more ‘ideal’ images (the right one under) – rather than their original unedited photo.


This indicates that perhaps we need to rethink or even redefine how we perceive beauty. See the movie of the project and some of the individual images here:



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