The Problems with the Love Hormone Oxytocine

Oxytocin tagxedoOxytocin gets released during light caresses, sex, when someone shows they trust you, and sometimes even simply with talking. When released, oxytocin increases feelings of attachment for another person, as well as feelings of trust. It also decreases feelings of stress, fear and pain. But unfortunately it’s not all rainbow sprinkles and unicorns for everyone. Turns out that if you didn’t have a good relationship with your parents then it’s harder to harness the positive effects of oxytocin.

One study shows that if the relationship contained harsh discipline then future oxytocin does not automatically create conditions for warm gentle interactions.

A second study shows that if you had a close relationship with your parents, then oxytocin increases feelings of generosity, but if you didn’t have a close relationship with your parents, then you don’t get the same benefit.

A third study shows that if you had a difficult relationship with your parents, it may influence your ability to feel close with other people. And if you do start to feel close that boost in oxytocin can potentially fuel more negative thoughts.

Read the article here:

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