Faith, skepticism and visual perception

Optical illusion moving

Interesting article about “knowing” based on our senses. We rely on our sight to interpret the world around us, but in reality, we only see a fraction of what’s there. And what we do see is pretty unreliable, because the visual input is not “seen” by the brain, it is turned into neurological information packages sent to the brain which in turn interpret it as an image. And that goes only for about 20% of what we “see”, about 80% of the “visual” input to the lateral geniculate comes from somewhere other than the eyes. At the same time we are victims of pre-attentive processing, closure and schemas, and knowing all this, how can a reasonable mind claim to have access to any absolute truth? We can’t even trust our own eyes to deliver an accurate representation of reality.  So what can one do? Read the short article here, by clicking the eye:


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