The hormone Oxytocin increases insight; A better judge of character with nasal spray?


Interesting article from my supervisor, Siri Leknes and colleagues, about how ingesting the hormone oxytocin via nasal spray improves the ability to read people’s facial expressions. Findings like these hold great promise for treatment of mental health disorders and drug addiction.

Facts about oxytocin:
  • Referred to as the “bliss hormone” and is produced in brain in the hypothalamus;
  • Is used to help induce labour and to contract the uterus after childbirth, as well as for help in breastfeeding;
  • Plays an important role in the social behaviour of many species, in all likelihood including humans;
  • Animal research has shown that the hormone is vital to establishing stable relationships between mating pairs as well as caring for offspring;
  • Many studies have shown that there is a correlation between oxytocin and the ability to establish lasting relations with others; individuals also exhibit increased trust and reduced fear levels;
  • Many studies indicate that oxytocin has a positive effect on autism, both in reducing repetitive behaviour and in improving the patient’s ability to interpret emotions.

Read the article by clicking on the picture above or the link beneath:

The more scientific article can be found here:

Oxytocin enhances pupil dilation and sensitivity to hidden emotional expressions

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